backyard bugs

Where do the Mosquitoes go?

mosquitoI saw this old lady hanging out on the side of the house. It made me think, the cool weather is coming, winter will be upon us soon. And what is the best part of winter? No mosquitoes! They go away. But where is away? You would think being insects they all freeze to death and die. What they do is hide or hibernate. With insects we call this time of inactivity: diapause. Adult mosquitoes like to hide in logs, deep tree bark, but there are even better places they’ve discovered. They hide in your HOUSE. Yup, you are sharing your house with a fleet of adult mosquitoes. Most overwintering insects like it cool so they can hibernate, but not freeze. So they seek out cracks in your attics, crawl spaces, protected under the siding of your house. If you think an exterminator will rid us of these pests, nope. Because before they bunk down for the winter the females lay eggs. Rafts and rafts of eggs. Some of these eggs turn to larva, some to pupa. These also overwinter. So when the warmer days of spring arrive, so will these highly evolved winter surviving mosquitoes.It sucks.